Custom Vulcanized O-Rings


For applications requiring a non-standard diameter o-ring a custom vulcanized o-ring is often the fastest and most cost effective solution. COR’s custom vulcanized rings are produced from extruded o-ring cord, cut to length and hot spliced using heated dies and a heat sensitive bonding agent. The heated die provides consistent heat and helps form a clean and visually appealing finish to the joint. Most of our elastomers can be vulcanized.


Small Diameter Vulcanizing

On smaller diameter cord, less than .250” our experienced vulcanizing team is able to produce custom o-rings with ID’s as small as 1”. Call for details.

Vulcanizing Custom Profiles

Our vulcanizing department is available to help customers that are supplying their own extruded elastomeric product and only require vulcanizing services. For hot vulcanizing we will develop the necessary dies and we can handle corner splicing as well as standard butt joint bonds.