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About Us

Custom O-Rings & Extrusion

When you are faced with an application requiring custom sized O-rings, think of COR. Our experienced team is focused on providing our customers with high quality custom sized O-rings and our vulcanizing process is structured to meet the most demanding turnaround times. Our extensive inventory of inch and metric cord diameters and a range of elastomers and durometers ensures we can meet our customers’ requirements. COR can produce custom extruded elastomeric profiles where required and we are available to vulcanize customers’ proprietary extruded profiles.


A premiere manufacturer of custom O-rings, vulcanized parts and extruded elastomeric cord.


COR’s combination of a highly skilled and experienced team along with an extensive inventory of O-ring cord and short production lead times makes COR a valuable supply chain partner to your business. Call and challenge our team today.

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