Polychloroprene or Chloroprene rubber (Neoprene) is a soft and durable waterproof synthetic rubber produced by polymerization of chloroprene. It offers great excellent physical and mechanical properties like high resistance to chemicals, oxidation, sunlight, heat, and flame, etc. Chloroprene Rubber has a usual harness range of 50-90 Shore A and is suited well for temperatures between -65° F to 275° F.

We stock the following sizes in Neoprene 70D

CORD-.070-N CORD-.156-N CORD-.313-N
CORD-.079-N CORD-.188-N CORD-.375-N
CORD-.093-N CORD-.210-N CORD-.437-N
CORD-.118-N CORD-.224-N CORD-.500-N
CORD-.125-N CORD-.250-N CORD-.625-N
CORD-.139-N CORD-.275-N CORD-.968-N

*Other sizes can be supplied upon request subject to minimums may apply.

We stock the following sizes in Neoprene 50D

CORD-.250-N-50D CORD-.313-N-50D
CORD-.275-N-50D CORD-.375-N-50D

*Other sizes can be supplied upon request subject to minimums may apply.

Advantages of Chloroprene Rubber

  • Waterproof
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Resistance to range of chemicals including solvents, oils, and petroleum-based fuels
  • Excellent resistance to refrigerants, ozone, oxygen, sunlight, and weathering
  • Good resistance to heat and flame
  • Low compression set
  • Resists flexing and stain
  • Good thermal stability

Disadvantages of Chloroprene Rubber

  • High cost compared to other materials with similar characteristics
  • Poor resistance to strong oxidising acids, esters, chlorinated solvents, ketones, and aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Poor electrical insulation due to water absorbing nature 


COR can supply custom Chloroprene extrusion profiles in many sizes and shapes. Send us your requirements in a dwg., pdf or even on a napkin, with dimensions and we can try and quote according to your request. 

Applications of Chloroprene Rubber

Chloroprene is extremely versatile and therefore is used in many different industries ranging from automotive to medical. Chloroprene’s longer life compared to natural rubber makes it ideal for gaskets and hoses, and its chemically inert nature makes it suitable for consumer products.

Medical Industry: Chloroprene is used as padding for wrist and knees in orthopedic braces.

Personal Protective Gear: Chloroprene gloves are highly used by lab technicians while working with chemicals as they offer protection against hazardous chemicals.

Automotive Industry: Chloroprene’s tear and abrasion resistance make it suitable for car seat covers. It is also used to make shock-absorbing seals and springs.

Construction Industry: Chloroprene’s excellent resistance to weathering, ozone, and sunlight makes it suitable to be used for building constructions. It is often used for adhesives and asphalt products. In bridges, Chloroprene’s pads are used to minimize damages caused by traffic movement.

Aquatic Gears: Chloroprene’s high insulation and waterproof nature make it ideal to make wet suits and scuba gears.

Electrical Equipment: Chloroprene’s good resistance to heat and flame allows it to be used as an insulator in many electrical devices like light bulbs.

Other Consumer Products: Chloroprene’s ability to be used as padded material make it suitable to make protective laptop sleeves, mousepads, lunch bags, belts, dumbbells and much more.

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