AFLAS®, also known as TFE/P, is a unique fluoroelastomer made of tetrafluoroethylene (TFE, FEPM) and propylene with a fluorine content of about 54%. It features very high amine resistance and electrical insulation compared to other fluoroelastomers and can handle high temperatures, chemicals and steam. AFLAS® fluoropolymer materials provide reliable sealing performance in critical applications in environments like water, steam, bases, and caustic resulting in common usage in the oil and drilling industry. It has a usual hardness range of 50-90 Shore A and is suited well for temperatures between -14° F to 428° F.

O-Rings made from AFLAS® are available. COR Manufacturing stock & sell high-quality AFLAS® Cord in red, blue, yellow and black colour. We can supply all standard metric sizes. We stock the following inch sizes:

CORD-.070-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .007"
CORD-.093-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .008"
CORD-.103-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .009"
CORD-.118-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .009"
CORD-.125-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .010"
CORD-.139-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .010"
CORD-.156-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .010"
CORD-.188-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .011"
CORD-.196-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .011"
CORD-.210-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .011"
CORD-.224-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .013"
CORD-.236-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .016"
CORD-.250-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .016"
CORD-.275-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .016"
CORD-.275-AFLAS-90 CORD AFLAS 90 DURO +/- .016"
CORD-.275AFL CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .016"
CORD-.295-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .016"
CORD-.313-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .016"
CORD-.334-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .016"
CORD-.354-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .016"
CORD-.375-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .016"
CORD-.394-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .020"
CORD-.437-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .020"
CORD-.472-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .022"
CORD-.500-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .022"
CORD-.625-AFLAS CORD AFLAS 75D +/- .025"


Being a unique fluoroelastomer AFLAS® has many advantages that include:

  • Excellent resistance to water, bases, caustic and steam
  • Excellent Heat Resistance and Heat Stability
  • Excellent Permeation Resistance
  • Extremely low aromatizing properties
  • Good Electrical Insulator
  • Fair Compression Set Resistance
  • Fair Shorter-Term Resilience
  • Resistant to ozone and gamma-ray radiation
  • High resistance to highly reactive organic and inorganic chemicals
  • Resistant to oils, solvents, amines and H2S
  • Superior performance in SIP, CIP and WFI applications


AFLAS® also has some limitations that include:

  • Not suitable to use with chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Not suitable to use with ketones
  • Not suitable to use with organic refrigerants
  • Not suitable to use with aromatic fuels
  • Not suitable to use with carbon tetrachloride


COR can supply custom AFLAS® extrusion profiles in many sizes and shapes. Send us your requirements in a dwg., pdf or even on a napkin, with dimensions and we can try and quote according to your request.


AFLAS® is commonly used in industries like oil and gas, food and beverages, automotive, electronics, marine, chemical manufacturing. It is used to make o-rings, gaskets, wires, cables, oil seals and packings. Some common uses of AFLAS® O-rings include:

Marine Engines: Being anti-corrosive and offering similar chemical resistance as FFKM along with better elasticity, it is much more suitable in large diesel engines compared to FFKM. Moreover, it provides a cost advantage and more prolonged service over FFKM.

General Steam: Applications involving steam that contains even a little amount of anti-corrosive particles fail FKM. AFLAS® offering excellent steam resistance is an extremely suitable option for such applications.

Mechanical Seals: O-rings in mechanical seals have to undergo various chemicals in many application environments and AFLAS® offering superior chemical resistance compared to FKM is much more suitable for O-rings in such applications.

Downhole: In some geographic areas, O-rings utilized downhole are subject to corrosive gas like Hydrogen sulphide, high-temperature steam, or simple mud. Rubber parts made of AFLAS® last longer under these harsh conditions due to their high resistance to such environmental conditions.

Technical page in PDF format AFLAS

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